Afternoon Thunderstorms

It has been a very warm day indeed thanks to a warm air mass. Some isolated high-based showers and thunderstorms with very little or no rainfall have developed about the near coastal ranges just over the broader and close to Gympie.  These systems have little to no rain due to the dryer atmosphere as well as very fast-moving. So with these two factors in play is why we are seeing very little to no rainfall with these thunderstorms.



Thunderstorm development is expected to keep occurring until well into the evening. The only downside to this is they will be very isolated indeed. So please don't get excited as we are not expecting very much rainfall from this activity in fact with the conditions the way they are we are expecting fire activity to increase due to the dryness of these thunderstorms cells

We have a weakening ridge that extends along the tropical east coast. An upper level ridge and northerly flow over the interior of the state will lead to increasing daytime temperatures in central and southern parts today and Tuesday. A cold front will move into southwestern Queensland today and then continue to move north and eastwards across the state during Tuesday. Increasing winds with this feature combined with the hot and dry conditions will lead to increasing fire dangers over southeastern and central districts. A large high over the Great Australian Bight will extend a new firm ridge and cooler southerly winds over southern Queensland from Wednesday, following the passage of the trough.


Tuesday the cold front will move north and eastwards to extend from the southern Gulf Country to the far southeast by late in the day. Windy conditions associated with the front will lead to elevated fire dangers over the southeast inland and central parts. Conditions will be relatively dry over the southeast, but there may be sufficient instability to support the development of a few thunderstorms with little or no rainfall in the afternoon and early evening, mainly about the ranges. Some raised dust is also possible over the far west and southeast inland following the front.


Dust at about 3pm Tuesday

This is about 4 pm tomorrow Tuesday showing  possible thunderstorm activity

 Wednesday a cooler southerly change will move across the south with a chance of showers about the southeast coastal fringe. There may be sufficient instability to support the development of a few thunderstorms with little or no rainfall about the Capricornia and Wide Bay and Burnett districts. It should remain fine over the remainder of the state. Daytime temperatures tending several degrees below average in the southwest.


Thursday a broad upper level trough will move over southern Queensland and will combine with a gradual increase in low level moisture to provide instability over the central and southeast districts, with increasing chances of showers. Thunderstorms are also possible about the central coastal areas. It should remain fine over the remainder of the state. Maximum temperatures cooling to few degrees below average over the southern half of the state.

We are looking at warm conditions up to about Thursday when things cool off moisture levels improve and we may see some showers and thunderstorms