Background of QSCHW Australia

 First of all, I would like to thank all former Admins who helped by working on our page, if it was not for you guys we would not be who we are today.

 About us, we are a bunch of weather enthusiasts that are based in the regions between Bundaberg to Brisbane. We love to get out there in the field and chase thunderstorms, snow and any other major weather systems such as tropical cyclones for instance. In addition, we love to share our videos and photos with our followers on social media as much as we love to receive photos from you guys, our dedicated followers. Sharing and receiving images, videos and weather news events is a very big part of our role and it is something that both myself and my team members personally look forward to but   perhaps one of the most important factors is that we would not be here if it wasn't for you - so in that regard I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support.

 Since starting this Facebook page when it first opened on the 14th November 2014 in no uncertain terms I have put a lot of thought into how it the page is operated and about the development of this website. For our forecasts, we use our own designer maps and other imagery which have more often than not been created by myself, these maps are regularly used in our forecasts and for detailing areas which are most at risk.

One thing I will stress is that I don't believe in scaremongering or in causing unnecessary panic while forecasting and the team stand behind my beliefs about my views on that issue with the same ideals and values.

Our team works together closely and puts a great deal of time and effort into researching ALL THE FACTS before we post or share any weather information on social media.

For your knowledge, most of the information we provide to you is freely available and easy to obtain on the internet. We proudly provide a free community weather news service, which we endeavour to keep operating as a free service for all who choose to use it.

From my point of view, the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date weather information is a paramount concern for public safety, it is not about how small or how big you are on social media and the same applies even when we are out facing various kinds of weather conditions while we are chasing. It is my belief that safety should always come first. It is estimated that five to ten deaths and over one hundred severe injuries are caused by lightning every year so with that in mind if we can save at least one life with the weather information that we provide then it's a task that has well and truly been worth the hours and hours of hard work and dedication we put into to providing our weather forecasts.

Thinking back to a time that really wasn't so long ago, a time when Tropical Cyclone Marcia decided to make its move across the coast of Queensland not long after both Brian and myself had first opened this page, I can remember that I stayed awake for three entire days and nights straight providing live updates for our Facebook page followers and also monitoring the movements and impacts of the cyclone while at the same time informing people of what to expect in the hope of saving lives. Videos produced by Brian and I as we chased Tropical Cyclone Marcia from the time it crossed the coast at Shoalwater Bay in the region north, northwest of Yeppoon at category five intensity are available for you to view on both our Facebook page and our Youtube channel.

Feel free to browse through our profiles and to have look at the different pages on our website, when it comes to the weather you will find lots of cool things to check out - in the meantime I look forward to presenting you with your daily weather forecasts and keeping you informed about the latest weather warnings.


Let's Meet the Team

Des (The Master Mind)

I started a Facebook page, then I asked one of my mates for help who is more like a brother to me, Brian. We have one of those relationships where the other knows what the other person is thinking before the other comes out with it. (Don’t get me wrong there are days where we both want to kill each other).

However, you need that kind of relationship when you’re out there chasing storms, as he is someone I trust 100% and that is hard to find. The page began by gathering and disseminating information about Queensland weather; now we cover Australia. Queensland will always be the state with the most comprehensive coverage as it is our home state.

Brian and I have storm chased from Brisbane to Rockhampton; out to Cecil Plains and as far south as Goulburn, New South Wales. We have also snow chased from just north of Stanthorpe, all the way down to Lithgow and Oberon.

I have my own weather station which is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 (wireless) which measures rain at 0.2 mm and has UV and very accurate temperature readouts. I have also won a gold medal on Weather Underground for having the most accurate weather data over a five-day period.

I also am a keen photographer, I love to take photos of landscapes and lightning. Whenever there is a storm around, you can guarantee that I’m out there trying to get the perfect shot. You can find some of my photo collection here at Desco Photographic Studio. I am also a registered storm spotter with the Bureau of Meteorology.


Back in 1990, I had a weather satellite receiver, which is still Registered with the WMO. I am now more into weather and forecasting as I am now with an International Sports education company that has a division in Australia (2016). I have been with QSCHW almost from the time that Des created it. Des has made me the owner of QSCHW Australia.

The Company I work for is Dartfish. I am the Tech support and lead Forecaster for Australia and Tasmania, and the southern half of the South Pacific, Singapore, and Malaysia. Dartfish provides ultimate Video Software Solutions to make you benefit from all the advantages of video in learning processes. Dartfish is the leader in the market, is present in 22 countries and has more than 30,000 users worldwide.

I am now working on modeling for the following areas, Ocean and land sports. Which include but not limited to, yachting, Sydney to Hobart, Volvo ocean race, and football etc. I and the type of person who loves to help people.  I feel the best way to help is to give accurate and up-to-date forecasts to help protect the community.


I also create some of my own maps which take a while to compile. I also like working on special projects that will help the community at large, for instance working on putting up my own network of cams and other special features which I will not go into this time. So where my priorities lie is definitely helping the public and keeping as many people as I can safe and sound. So if you like our website please feel free to click on the link and join our Facebook page. As this is the main place to which we post especially when thunderstorms and weather events are occurring.

Brian (The Wombat)

Brian is an amateur photographer and amateur weather forecaster. Since Brian could hold a camera he has been capturing candid moments. During high school, he started learning about cloud types which sparked his interest in the weather. Brian likes to get out and about chasing the storms, he is definitely not a keyboard warrior.

Brian, as I have been witness to, has a natural ability to work out and pinpoint within 15 km the best place to intercept thunderstorms. Brian is also very accurate when it comes to forecasting snow. Brian had a 90% success rate for the 2016 snow season which is an awesome achievement.

 Brian has a natural knack while being on a chase of being able to get into the heart of the beast with his trusty steed The Wombat. Safety is paramount as Brian believes it is just not his life he has to care about but that of his co-pilot as well that is a rare trait these days.

 I am speaking from a personal point of view here there is no one else I would trust with my life in the heat of the moment than Brian he has a habit of thinking outside the box and that is what makes him so accurate on a chase. Brian is also a registered storm spotter for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Brian has a few goals including; traveling to the U.S.A. and experiencing a storm season in Tornado Alley, experiencing a winter in the Australian Alps and a monsoon season in the Top End.

Kerri (Photographer)

I've had a passion for photography for more than 25 years - in fact, as far back as the old film canister & photo lab developing & processing days. However, after thieves stole my equipment the 2nd time I didn't bother to replace it.



Obviously, the passion was still there & it just took a bit of encouragement to come back. My renewed interest came back with a vengeance a couple of years ago. I have a broad interest in all genres but absolutely love landscapes & from there trying to capture lightning. I hope I don't lose the interest & continue to try to improve my efforts each & every day.




I welcome Kerri with open arms to our site as her photographs speak for themselves, some of which are award-winning photos. If you would like to see more of her work Kerri has her own Facebook page called Kerri's Photographic Images.

Jamie (Photographer)

Jamie is an important member of the team.  Jamie is a photographer who is situated in Clifton which is a town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. The town is situated just west of the New England Highway, about 50 kilometers south of Toowoomba and 150 kilometers west of Brisbane. Jamie is a husband and a dad to three boys.

He loves to get out and take some photos when he can. The Darling Downs presents some awesome weather for a photographic opportunity. Jamie will be quick to go click if he can. As you can see Jamie loves photography and all things weather related. 

Jamie also thinks every day is a learning curve when it comes to the weather and photography and is looking forward to the challenge and sharing it with you!! Jamie and his wife Lynelle have a wonderful facebook page called Jam-Lyn Amateur Photography so pay then a visit to see some more beautiful photos, from their collection.

Heather and Brett (Photographers)

Heather and Brett are a mother and son duo, who will take any opportunity to take photos of weather.  Brett has a very keen eye and takes some awesome photos. He has a very keen eye and an awesome talent which I feel must be nurtured.  Brett has sent in some amazing shots in the past and he will continue to do so.

Heather used to be a full-time admin on our Facebook site. However, due to time restraints had to relinquish her position I am thankful however that Heather has remained as a Facebook page photographer.  Heather has completed a course in photography.  Heather has also sent in some amazing photos of weather activity.

So with this mother and son duo, there is fierce competition on who can grab the best photo especially when it comes to thunderstorms they both compete for the best lightning shot. So with this fierce competition, I'm sure will see plenty of lightning photos from these two.

BonIT PC Services

BonIT PC Services is a local computer service company that has great website hosting. They also do computer repairs and services that are budget friendly.

For any inquiries please visit

Josh loves his technology, he has owned iPads, Androids, Macs, Pc's and Linux Boxes. He is always trying out new tech and enjoys helping people as well.

As Josh likes to help people and technology is his forte. So he is the perfect I.T. guy for QSCHW. 



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Thank you for reading the about us page cheers, Stephen, Brian (The Wombat), Kerri (Photographer), Jamie (Photographer), Heather and Brett (Photographers).

I would also like to say a special thank you to each and every one of you. Without you and your patronage, we would not be here. Once again

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