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We have a broad region of low pressure extending across the north and west is leading to showers and thunderstorms. As a result of the broader region of low pressure typical isolated thunderstorm activity continues over tropical northern parts of the country. There are particularly active areas over the Gulf of Carpentaria and Western Australia's Kimberley region.


Patchy cloud extends over eastern parts of Western Australia associated with an area of broad low pressure. A line of cloud can be seen stretching across central Australia away from Western Australia contains isolated thunderstorms and is also associated with a broad low-pressure trough.


While a high in the south is keeping South Australia and Tasmania mostly clear. We are likely to see onshore winds bringing the odd shower along the eastern seaboard north of the Sunshine Coast.

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Detailed Queensland forecast. We have a moist and unstable air mass which will persist across the far north of the state over the next few days with showers and thunderstorms. Some falls may be heavy.

Showers are likely to start increasing about the east tropical coast late today as a trough over the Coral Sea moves into the region. While some weak instability will combine with hot conditions to result in some isolated thunderstorms over southern Queensland during the next few days, however, these isolated thunderstorms are expected to contain little rainfall.

We will see a ridge of high pressure extending over southeastern Queensland and the central interior. This will lead to mostly fine conditions. The bad news the hot conditions in the west of the state will extend eastwards across the southern interior over the next few days.


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